MSDS – Calcium Hydroxide


SECTION 1 – Manufacturer


Manufacturer’s NameJodhpur Lime Industries.
Address Khasra No 991 Riyan, Pipar Road
  Jodhpur 342601
Telephone Number   +91-9828116565
SECTION 2 – Hazardous Ingredients/Identify


Common NameHydrated Lime , Slaked
Chemical IdentityLime
Chemical FormulaCalcium Hydroxide
CAS NumberCa(OH)2
Section 3  – Physical/Chemical Characteristics


Boiling Point  5162 ᴏF
Specific Gravity (H2O=1) True 2.3 – 2.6
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg) Dehydrated at 540ᴏC at 1 ATM.
Melting PointDecomposes at 1076ᴏF (588ᴏC)
Vapor Density (Air=1)N/A
Evaporation Rates (Butyl Acetate=1)N/A
Solubility in Water(0.159 grams per 100 gms. Sat.sol. at 25
Appearance and odarWhite powder, no odor
SECTION 4 –Fire & Explosion Hazard Data


Flash Point (method Used)N/A
Flammable LimitsN/A
Extinguishing MediaN/A
Special Fire Fighting ProceduresHydrated lime is incombustible & unlike Quicklime, it will not generate heat when  in contact with water.
Unusual Fire and Explosion HazardsN/A
SECTION 5 – Reactivity Data


StabilityConditions to avoid : Carbon dioxide
 In moist air, and acids.
 Stable : Yes
 If confined in water-tight container
Incompatibility : Materials to avoidContact with Acids.
Hazardous DecompositionNone
Or Byproducts 
SECTION 6 – Health Hazard Data


Inhalation? X 
Route(s) of EntrySkin?X
Health Hazards (Acute & Chronic)TLV 5mg/M3
CarcinogenicityIARC Mongrographs
 OSHA Regulated?
Sign & Symptoms of ExposureUnder dusty condition it can cause excessive drying of skin irritation. Eyes and open cuts are particularly vulnerable.
Medical Condition Generally Aggravated By ExposureOpen Cuts
Emergency & First Aid ProceduresWash off all lime dust from skin with clean water;then optionally rinse skin with Vinegar; apply burn ointment to affected Areas. For eyes flush out immediately with Water and see physician.
SECTION 7 – Precautions for Safe Handlings and use


Steps to Be taken in case Material is Released or spilledClean up by normal physical method.
Waste Disposal MethodCan be salvaged for use or emptied in sewer Or removed to dump.
Precautions to Be Taken in Handling And StoringKeep product Dry and avoid dusting.
SECTION- 8 Control Measures


Respiratory Protector(Specify Type)Protective dust mask
 Mechanical (General) :  Apply adequate
 Ventilation to kee dust conc. Below 5mg/M3
VentilationOther : Vent dust to a collector
 Local Exhaust:
Protective GlovesNormal work gloves
Eye ProctionTight fitting safety goggles. Long sleeved shirt
 With buttoned collar. Long pants.
Other ProtectiveExtending over work
Clothing or Equipmentshoes. Protective cream may be used on
 Exposed skin if needed.
Work/Hygienic  practiesSkin & hair.